Sticking To Your Strengths


When I first moved to Nashville, I was a recent college graduate and thought I had to be able to do it all…and, instantly. Music making, lyric writing, being a developed artist, and an A-List musician. As I was attempting to be everything, I actually ended up doing none of those things anywhere close to the level in which I was aspiring. For me, this most obvious in my songwriting.

I was always good at coming up with melodies and music, but lyrics came slowly and more difficult. It wasn’t until I began co-writing with seasoned songwriters that I began to understand that I had been approaching it all wrong. I learned that it’s okay to not be a master at anything and everything. I found that the key lies in discovering your strengths, then collaborating with others who are stronger in the areas that might not be your immediate calling card.

If you’re starting out and struggling with songwriting like I was, connect with a great lyricist. Maybe you’re good at music and lyrics, but you need someone to offer a different ear to edit and polish your ideas so they can really shine?

For sure, keep working on and growing in those areas that might not be your strong-suits. But by inviting others to collaborate—and humbly fostering an environment where iron sharpens iron—you’ll grow in all areas of your craft and the process will prove more fun and rewarding.

Jay Speight